Welcome to 10th grade Honors English!

Please do not create a new post when responding to each novel. Rather, respond under the appropriate novel and teacher that is already posted. This will help to keep your posts organized. Thank you!

Directions: In order to better prepare you for 10th grade Honors English, you must read three novels over the summer. As you read each novel you must also contribute to a class discussion on this wikispace page. In order to post to the discussion forum you will need to sign in with your network username and password, and join this page. After joining the page, you must click on the discussion tab in the top right corner. For each novel, you must have THREE posts and TWO responses to your classmates’ posts. The purpose of the forum is to have a class discussion about the books you are reading. Enjoy the reading process!

What books do I must I read?
  • The Book Thief: Markus Zusak
  • Nickel and Dimed: Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God: Zora Neale Hurston

What do I write about in my post?
Good question. State your feelings, thoughts, reactions, and questions. Write about what you like or dislike, what seems confusing or unusual to you. Make predictions about what might happen later. Relate your personal experiences that connect you with the plot, characters, or setting. The discussion forum is your proof to me that you have read and interacted with the required novels. Avoid a plot summary. I don’t want a book report!
The following is a list of suggested thinking cues to help you get started. :
1. I really like/dislike this idea because…
2. The character reminds me of somebody I know because…
3. The character reminds me of myself because..
4. This is really realistic/unrealistic because
5. This scene reminds me of a similar scene in (title of work) because…
6. This section makes me think about … because…
7. This section is particularly effective because…
8. I think the relationship between and _ is interesting because…
9. This situation reminds me of a similar situation in my own life. It happened when…
10. If I were (name of character) at this point, I would…
11. This quote makes me think about …
12. The ideas here remind me of the ideas in (title of work) because…
13. I think the setting of this scene is important because…

When must I be finished with these assignments? (You may read the books in whatever order you wish)
  • July 1st: First book
  • August 1st: Second book
  • First day of school: Third book

How will I be graded?
Each novel will worth 20 points for a total of 60 points. The following criteria will be used to grade your posts. Posts should:
  • Be approximately 300 words in length
  • Demonstrate depth of thought and thorough interaction with the text
  • Contain appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling (no texting jargon)
  • Give examples for support, including but not limited to:
    • a connection to a movie/song/TVshow/book/etc.
    • a connection to a real-life event
  • Encourage further discussion from classmates